“My name is Patti Weissler and I have been an acupuncturist and Chinese medicine herbalist for the last 20 years. I have had a successful practice over the years and have noticed that there were certain patients that I could not quite help and it really perplexed me!

I was convinced there might be another way to further my knowledge. For instance, in menopause there are many formulae in Chinese medicine and many times the patients did not respond to the formula or acupuncture treatment.

I have felt compelled to write this tribute about Dr. Annette Schippel who has been my mentor over the last 7 years.

Initially my first contact with her was as a patient. I had debilitating fatigue and my Dr. told me I was okay on all my lab work but I felt exhausted. Dr. Schippel helped me get my health back! This started a beautiful learning experience for me especially for treating difficult patients that I was essentially stuck with which direction to go in.

She taught me how to interpret hair analysis and how to prescribe a protocol that would help adrenal depletion, hypothyroidism and digestive issues and treatment of toxic metals in the body. I had no knowledge of this type of testing and I discovered that this is very informative as to what happens on the intracellular level and can prevent disease from occurrence. I took her online course which really clarified even more issues.

She also taught me how to interpret salivary hormone tests.
These tests are for female, male and adrenal testing. There is a true concern right now in the US of Dr’s overprescribing hormones and this creates a tangled mess to unravel in functional medicine. Dr. Schippel made it easy to understand and always had an encouraging word to how to present it to patients and how to make a difference in their lives.

I must say that her guidance has allowed me to aid many patients and I can’t tell you how many people have told me that after treatment they feel better than they have in years.
My practice transformed and a true paradigm shift occurred when I started utilizing Dr. Schippel’s consultations and priceless knowledge.

She is a kind and thoughtful Dr. and an excellent teacher that we should all cherish in this time of medicine. She truly made a positive difference on how I evaluate patients and how I diagnose patients. Hopefully you will experience the same!”

Patti Weissler, R.N., LAc, CSM
Certified Sports Medicine
San Antonio, TX


“My name is Terri, and I have been so blessed to have Dr. Annette impact my life!  I say that with joy and passion because my life changed August 19, 2015.  Through Dr. Annette’s wisdom, knowledge, and direction in health I felt like a new person again after being sick for seven months.  Whether my body was physically ill already and/or the food I ate on January 10, 2015  that I’m allergic to activated my physical downward spiral, I experienced the healing process thanks to prayer, family support, and Dr. Annette.  I have never felt better and I owe a lot of gratitude to her.

I’m also grateful to my parents for directing me to Dr. Annette.  They are both patients of hers and when they told her about my physical sickness, she accepted me as her long distance patient.  Dr. Annette was willing to lead me down a path to healing even though I was far away and had to use the phone and emails as our form of communication.

Dr. Annette put me on a herb protocol that she designed for me and the healing process took over.  Some days it felt like the healing wasn’t taking place fast enough, but she always encouraged me to be patient.  She would remind me that the internal damage didn’t happen over night and neither would the healing process.  Discouragement would set in at different times of day and different days, but it didn’t matter because she was right there to walk me through it.  She was right, I would have my good days and they would reassure me I was on the right track!  She would rejoice with me on my good days and encourage me to continue to move forward.   I look back at my journey, and I’m thankful for those steps to healing that Dr. Annette put me on. They have been life changing.

Family and friends have seen a difference in me.  I’m more energetic, less fatigued, pain free, and I feel really good!  I’ve recommended Dr. Annette and her helpful staff to lots of people.  I want other people who suffer like I did to experience the positive outcome that I have!!!!  Thank You Dr. Annette for your guidance, encouragement, and for being a friend!!.. Xoxo. You are an answer to prayer!!”

Terri Tennison
Nutrition Patient
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