Deerfield Beach Seminar

Dr. Annette will be in Deerfield Beach Florida on March 18th for an 8 hour seminar.

Understanding the Rise and Fall of Male & Female Hormones as We Age

As today’s baby boomers are aging and are becoming the dominant population, their desire for true health and vitality have them seeking answers that go beyond another prescription pill. They want to have life after retirement and earlier for that matter! But what are the challenges that they are facing? What health issues are getting in their way?
It would be too easy to say stress because it’s more complex than that. Trying to measure stress and determine a daily allowance is impossible! But, we can measure the effect stress is having on the body and provide real answers for coming back into balance. To do that it is important to understand certain biochemistry markers in the blood, saliva and even hair. It is important to view them as a whole person and consider hormone balance beyond testosterone for men and estrogen for females.
As we look at how they have gotten to a certain point in their health, we also need to understand what the current standard of care looks like. It can involve hormone overdosing, hormone disruption by synthetic hormones and of course surgery to remove the gland that doesn’t seem to behaving. And ultimately, it will be about providing practitioners with the tools and understanding to support, naturally and safely, this particular population.
With this presentation attendees will:

  • Review the issues facing men and women as they age.
  • Defining perimenopause, menopause and andropause
  • Endocrine system health and balance among all the glands and it’s regulation by the HP Axis
  • Discuss the significance of adrenal and thyroid strength as we age
  • Learn proper evaluation methods of identifying hormone levels and balance and why salvia testing is essential
  • Learn how to gain another window into bone health beyond a bone density test
  • Identify the key lifestyle factors that improve our ability to age with more health and vitality
  • Learn specific nutritional and herbal protocols proven effective for restoring endocrine balance and relieving unnecessary symptoms associated with aging
  • Review of cases and discussing case management
  • Pulling it all together to give the best care to our patients
  • Many options that can be applied Monday morning to this type of patient

Practicing Endocrine Wellness effectively with patients is simply a matter of understanding a few key principles, knowing the proper testing and evaluation methods, managing lifestyle factors, and implementing the most effective protocols for change.

Contact Liz Devino at  561-654-4036 to register!


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