Ever Thought of Adding Sea Vegetables to Your Diet?

Post on Sea Vegetables: Why You Should Eat More of This Delicious Asian Superfood featured in May 18th eNewletter

Okay, before you completely dismiss this article because we live in the land of corn, potatoes and meat, please hear me out! This article highlights so many of the benefits we get from sea vegetables. One of the most important, and often times most misunderstood, is the natural source of iodine. Iodine is essential to the health of every cell in our bodies. It is also the most easily assimilated when it comes in a natural food source. The thyroid cannot properly function without sufficient iodine. And yet we re bombarded with many things in our environment that displace iodine in our body. It’s no wonder that everyone seems to have a thyroid problem! If we have excess ice exposure to chloride, fluoride and bromide they can bump iodine out. Now take a moment to realize how many times we come in contact with these toxic halogens… pretty much daily for most people!

So be a little adventurous and try to add a little bit of seas vegetables into your diet! If not, you can always supplement with Nutrimere, by Standard Process, for additional support.

-Dr. Annette

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