Kissing Germs and Inflammation Away


I felt like this weeks articles, in my eNewsletter, deserved some additional comments and if you look closely, the first three articles are related in one way or another.  I know the first article had many of you thinking it was actually about kissing only to learn that it had to do with germs!  It brought up a really good point about our obsession with killing germs to the point that it has become detrimental to us.  Our body wants to be well!  When we support it with the right nutrients it will do exactly that.  It is also good to consider a prebiotic when we are looking at probiotics.  Both are essential to a healthy gut!  Back to kissing as we lead into the adrenals…  Kiss, touch, hugs and massage can all be stress relievers and are important because they produce a hormone called oxytocin that is stimulated to make more when we do things that make us feel good!  Stress is so detrimental to our health and is the main cause behind adrenal fatigue.  We just have to remember that it comes in many different forms.  It can be physical, emotional or environmental.  By changing our exposure to stress and helping our body adapt to stress more effectively, anyone can experience greater vitality.  And it can all be achieved without dependency on pharmaceutical drugs!  One of the major stressors in our body is chronic inflammation.  Inflammation we learned will often times correlate with higher levels of cholesterol.  But instead of shooting the messenger (via statin drug use) maybe we should look at resolving the underlying issue that is causing an increased elevation of cholesterol.  Correct the real problem and the body will find its natural balance once again.  Our bodies are always giving us signals.  We just aren’t always listening…  I leave you with a quote from Jim Rohn, “Take care of your body.  It’s the only place you have to live”

– Dr. Annette

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