New Year – New Seminar Schedule

Dr. Annette Schippel is gearing up for a new year of seminars, including a new seminar that focuses on managing blood sugar and chronic inflammation! Check out this year’s seminar schedule to make sure you don’t miss her when she comes to your area.

Dr. Annette’s first stop will be in Springfield, IL on February 21st, where she will be talking about “Understanding the Menopausal Female”.

Today’s health and wellness practitioners understand the importance of monitoring and supporting the endocrine health of their patients. This dynamic system regulates and influenced every cellular and physiological process of the human body. the health and balance of this system is directly associated with one’s physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Healthy endocrine function is especially important as a woman approaches menopause. With proper support and preparation, the challenging and often debilitating symptoms typical of this transition can be avoided, This eight hour Endocrine Wellness presentation, “Understanding the Menopausal Female”, provides practitioners with a strategy to assist patients through a normal transition into menopause, by naturally and safely promoting endocrine balance and managing symptoms.

Within this presentation attendees will:

  • Review the physiology of menopause
  • Outline the current standard treatment options for menopause and for symptom management
  • Discuss common risks considered to be associated with menopause
  • Review the HP Axis and understand its importance in a healthy transition to menopause
  • Discover the significance of adrenal and thyroid strength to a healthy menopause
  • Examine bio identical hormone use, overdosing and appropriate supplementation
  • Learn proper evaluation methods for identifying hormone levels and balance, including an in depth look at salivary testing
  • Examine menopausal and perimenopausal test examples and actual case studies, defining protocols and lifestyle recommendation
  • Identify the key lifestyle factors affecting the symptoms of menopause
  • Learn practical tips for effective case management
  • Learn specific nutritional and herbal protocols proven effective for restoring endocrine balance and relieving debilitating symptoms of menopause
  • Gain skills to immediately apply methods learned with patients


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