Adrenal Support for Holiday Survival Webinar Series

If you’re a professional and want to learn more about how to protect and strengthen your patient’s adrenals during the holiday season you can not miss this…

Dr. Annette Schippel will be doing a Standard Process webinar Thursday, October 23rd from 1pm (CT) called Holiday Preparation Primer: Function and Support of the Adrenal Glands.

Dr. Annette Kutz Schippel will guide you through a look at the role of the adrenal  glands within the endocrine system and explain simple evaluation methods. In addition, she will discuss which products she chooses to support healthy adrenal glands in her patients.

-Standard Process

You can register by logging in at the Standard Process website and selecting  “See All Events”.

The webinar is scheduled for 1 hour and 15 minutes. All Standard Process customer who attend can receive a free bottle of Drenamin with a future online supplement order. A promotional code, deadline and rules will be emailed to everyone registered following the presentation.

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