Eat in season!

Now is the time to start visiting the local farmer’s market or reaping the rewards of your own garden!  Whenever possible, it is best to eat fresh and local vegetables and fruit.  Especially those that are insecticide and pesticide free.  Fruits and vegetables that have to travel in a truck from Mexico or California, for example, will lose some of their nutritional value along the way.

You should try to eat a wide variety and eat twice as many vegetables as fruits.  Your darker and greener vegetables will be more nutrient dense.  And don’t forget about the “fun guys” aka mushrooms!  Many mushrooms are very good for the immune system as well.  If you need to cook your vegetables, steam or broil lightly.  When you overcook or microwave your vegetables, a lot of the nutrients will be lost.

Eat a rainbow of colors!  Stay hydrated and enjoy the season change!

-Dr. Annette

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