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Chiropractic is the largest natural primary health care profession in the world.  It’s one of the most praised yet most misunderstood of all the health care disciplines, despite the fact that more than twenty-five million Americans utilize it each year….


Would you like to feel better? Look younger and healthier? Live a cleaner and more natural lifestyle? Do any of the following apply to you? -Poor digestion- -Trouble sleeping- -Fatigue- -Reduced mental clarity- -Constipation, bloating or gas- -Food cravings- -Weight…

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Chiropractic Economics

Incase you missed it, Dr. Annette was featured in the March 14th issue of Chiropractic Economics… Check it out here!

Changes to 2017 Schedule!

Attention practitioners! There have been a few changes to Dr. Annette’s teaching schedule, check out the updated version HERE

Deerfield Beach Seminar

Dr. Annette will be in Deerfield Beach Florida on March 18th for an 8 hour seminar. Understanding the Rise and Fall of Male & Female Hormones as We Age As today’s baby boomers are aging and are becoming the dominant…

Losing Weight… Why do we struggle with this?

Everywhere we look we are bombarded with information about how to lose weight.  To be successful with weight loss, and maintaining it, we need to understand some key concepts.  First we will look at calories in vs calories out and…

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It’s just a little sugar, right?

Post on Why Juices and Soda are a Major Problem: Weight Gain Diabetes. Hyperactivity, Gout and Move featured in the August 17, 2015 e-Newletter. Sugar has been a hot topic lately and quite frankly, it’s about time! You can’t change what…

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Ever Thought of Adding Sea Vegetables to Your Diet?

Post on Sea Vegetables: Why You Should Eat More of This Delicious Asian Superfood featured in May 18th eNewletter Okay, before you completely dismiss this article because we live in the land of corn, potatoes and meat, please hear me…

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